At Chatham, we think an 荣誉项目 should engage you, not just give you more work to accomplish. That's why the Chatham 荣誉项目 is designed for you to distinguish yourself professionally and personally with authentic, 跨学科的经历.

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  • 独家研究机会, 领导, 社区参与, including annual 研究 Symposiums and Service Projects.
  • 邀请参加重要校园活动, as well as preferred access to lectures and receptions for campus visitors. 
  • Professional mentorship from Chatham 荣誉项目 alumnae.
  • 流苏和毕业典礼.

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  • GPA不低于3分的一年级新生.6或以上
  • 有大学文凭的转学生.平均绩点6分或同等学历.
  • Current students who have earned at least 15 credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 .可申请加入.
  • 学生必须保持至少3.7 GPA (there’s a one-semester grace period) and take a minimum of two honors-designated courses.

Photo of a student taking notes on a laptop with Chatham University sticker during a lecture.


荣誉计划生活学习社区(LLC), 位于茱莉亚和詹姆斯·雷亚之家, hosts around 30 students who are enrolled in the Chatham 荣誉项目. Students who are selected to reside in an LLC are required to help develop and participate in programming and to be an integral part of the community. 然而, all Honors Students are invited to the LLC to continue to learn outside of the classroom through the use of programming, 与其他居民的日常互动, 以及与教师的联系, 工作人员, 以及社区资源.

  • 申请有限责任公司: You have the option to apply for an LLC when you complete your housing application. LLC applicants will answer several brief questions in order to be considered for LLC placement. All inquiries about the 荣誉项目 生活学习社区 should be directed to ResLife@cnbangcheng.com.

Photo of a male Chatham University student seated next to classmates, 专心听一个看不见的讲师讲课


Each year, all Honors students are required to attend an Annual Service Event (热电联合服务), as well as focus on one mission of the program to maintain membership. First-year Honors students are required to attend a common reading orientation event (CHP读取); sophomore Honors students complete a research project in preparation for applying to prestigious grants and programs and career goals (热电联合研究); junior Honors students are required to attend workshops led by leaders in higher education, 社会正义, 跨专业领域(共和人民党领导); and senior students are required to attend workshops where they share their experiences of developing their Capstone projects during the fall semester (CHP发射).

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荣誉项目 participants attend cultural and educational events throughout Pittsburgh as a group. 过去的出游包括 床垫工厂菲普斯学院当代工艺,以及LGBTQ+电影节.

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Honors students will be eligible for a limited amount of funds that will be set aside each year for Honors Travel Fellowships to offset the expenses associated with travel, 住宿, and conference fees for students who attend research conferences.

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To successfully graduate with an Honors distinction, students must complete three Honors Course Contracts during their time at Chatham. 与他们的课程导师合作, Honors students develop a project beyond course expectations to have a meaningfully rigorous and professionalizing experience. Students have completed Honors projects for courses including “What is Evil”, “非洲, 过去与现在”, “社会福利与社会正义”, “女权主义理论”, “抗议文学”, 和“谈判与决策”.

Photo of a student taking notes on a laptop with Chatham University sticker during a lecture.


波胆网站现在是 全国大学生荣誉委员会. The NCHC provides workshops and funding opportunities for our Honors students.

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“I am beyond grateful to have joined the 荣誉项目 at Chatham, as it has provided me with incredible opportunities in research, 领导, networking, volunteering, and physician shadowing. 这个项目在提供 对学生来说是一个独特的挑战,同时也 支持和鼓舞人心 他们. 成为荣誉课程的一员 这是我做过的最好的决定之一, and without a doubt, I would highly recommend being a part of it!——ashley Pesarsick, 23岁

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发现社区 & 了解

“大一的时候,我住在荣誉宿舍 生活学习社区,我发现 being surrounded by academically oriented and driven peers was the perfect way to find community here at Chatham. Working on service projects with other students in the 荣誉项目 helped me gain an understanding of what it means to better the lives of those within our Chatham community 以及大匹兹堡社区. The volunteering experiences I joined because of the 荣誉项目 开阔了我的视野 on how I can serve people in my communities throughout the course of my undergraduate studies, and my time volunteering has also granted me the insight to envision how I might help people in my future career as well.——佩兰·南丁格尔,23岁 

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“One of my favorite reasons for joining the 荣誉项目 is to connect with other people who are passionate about what they are studying. 作为一名学生,我相信 探索不同的学习领域 to see whether you made the right choice with your current area of study. Additionally, there is more to the 荣誉项目 than academics. 作为荣誉计划的一员,我得到了 numerous opportunities to serve in the community and build strong friendships.——michael Nizinski, '21, '23